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Top 10 Job Titles That Didn’t Exist 5 Years Ago [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s often surreal to realize most of the jobs we’re now familiar of didn’t exist 5 years ago- that was 2008.  And 2008 isn’t that long time ago.

LinkedIn Talent Solutions posted an amazing inforgraphic on their blog to highlight some great job titles, and workplace chage since 2008. Two of the cool jobs that got in the list are Zumba Instructor, and Big Data Architect.

“We examined the data of over 259 million members’ profiles to determine the top 10 most popular job titles that were nowhere to be found in 2008.”

This evolution of the workplace is fueled by the growth of new expertise roles in domains like technology and fitness.

What do we find interesting about the changes? 



Link Humans recently conducted a survey to see how people use Facebook for job searches. The results is game changing.


-People don’t really use Facebook to find a job but they use it to get more information about a company.
-Facebook users aren’t happy when a recruiter contacts them on Facebook.
-Job seekers tend to use other social platforms like LinkedIn more.

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Feel free to tell us in the comments if you already have used Facebook to find a job – we’d love to hear your success stories!


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