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Candidate Sourcing Problem Leads To A Very, Very Bad (Maybe A Little Funny) Interview

Get this – about 50% of the people you hire regret coming to work for you! And that’s not all – managers regret their hiring decisions about 50% of the time, too, according to a 2013 study by The Corporate Executive Board.

Now add this: in 2013 the well-regarded Gallup American Workplace Survey found that about 70% of employees are not all that excited about work and that leads to two important consequences.

First, 50% of these employees show up, do their jobs, go home, and probably show up the next day.  They are present, but not engaged in the work and feel kind of indifferent about their managers.  The other 20% are miserable, likely have pretty bad bosses, and are roaming your halls sprinkling dissatisfaction all over the place.

A good-sized chunk of this problem is that your hiring process is not working very well.  The new hire process and the promotion “hiring” process are equally broken.  A hiring decision, especially one based on candidates’ experience, resumes, and interviews, can be the start of a very bad work situation.  (Remember that time you said, “Remind me again… why did we hire this guy?”)

The Answer;

Zero Fee Recruiter would like to give you a helping hand in recruiting the hard to find candidates that you have been spending day and night trying to find.

Sourcing, Contacting, Qualifying and Delivering only INTERESTED CANDIDATES.

ZFR focuses on passive candidates that we source through our proprietary system “Reach Out” and this enables our team to reach the candidates that are not actively looking…

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There really is a better way!