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Recruiting Goals for the New Year

The new year is here. And with that time comes a blank canvas and an open mind. The itch to make personal goals and the burning desire to achieve them.

But what about your recruiting goals?

Have you determined what you want the next 365 days to look like?

If not, you’re missing out on an opportunity to reflect on your processes, implement new strategies and improve your recruiting.

Don’t remain stagnant this year. Decide what recruiting objectives you want to achieve and create a plan to get there. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve included a list of five objectives that can make an impact on your recruiting this year.

1. Improve Your Career Site

A career site that genuinely represents your vision, values and company personality will enable you to engage the candidates who align with your culture while filtering out the ones who don’t.

This year, focus on improving your own career site by providing prospects with a better experience. Invest in a design that clearly represents your brand. Add clear, compelling content. Incorporate real photos of your employees. Integrate video and provide easy tools to apply.

Also, consider how those ideal prospects are able to provide their information. Reevaluate your application process and consider adding tools that enable candidates to join your talent community. A dynamic, informative career site is only successful if there are clear paths for taking action.

2. Write More Compelling Job Descriptions

When it comes time to post a job, it may seem appealing to just copy and paste a prior job description. But what you’re left with is a substandard job posting that may or may not include the most recent and relevant information.

This year commit more time and energy to your job descriptions. Focus on describing the job’s daily activities; who the candidate will be working with; and the required skills to be successful.

Updating your job descriptions is the easiest improvement you can make and will have a direct impact on the quality of candidates you receive. Plus, a realistic preview of the job will help reduce turnover by encouraging those who don’t feel committed or qualified to self-select out.

3. Increase Your Use of Video

We are a society that appreciates efficiency but also wants to feel informed. Which explains why videos have become part of the expected online experience. We appreciate how clearly they share a message. And how easily we can digest that information. The same goes for job seekers.

This year incorporate video as one of your tools for communicating with candidates. A concise sixty second video that sums up your company culture will effectively engage more talent than words or photos ever could.

4. Build Up Your Candidate Pipeline

The most successful employers develop relationships with their best prospects long before they actually have a position for them. Use your new career site and easy apply tools to collect candidates in your talent community and build a robust talent pipeline.

When you come across an individual who aligns with your company, reach out to them and make a connection. Let them know that you’d like to consider them for an opportunity in the future. Then, when the perfect job arises, blast the job ad to your best individuals in your talent community.

A talent community will increase your time to hire while decreasing your turnover. Because you’ve nurtured a relationship with your prospects, you’ll be more successful at matching their skills with the right job.

5. Go Mobile

Each year, we see a steady increase in the amount of career site traffic that’s coming from a mobile device. And we expect that number to continue to climb. This year going mobile should be one of your top priorities.

Without a mobile site, you could be providing a poor experience to almost a quarter of the job seekers who visit your career site. If their experience stinks, they’ll probably assume your open job does too. So fix the issue. Ensure your text can be read on a small screen. Check the time it takes to load and make your videos playable. Otherwise, you’ll lose mobile prospect to a company who did.

Create a Plan and Stick To it

Now that you have some goals in mind for the upcoming year, it’s time to put those words to action. Create a plan. Map out your objectives, find the right partners to execute your goals and assign a timeframe.

As you’re implementing new changes, keep track the results they deliver. So when you arrive on this day a year from now, you’ll be able to measure the success of your recruiting resolutions.