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Hiring? Source Passive Candidates From 100+ Resume Databases with One Submission

Times have changed… The “A Players” do not and will not apply to laborious Job Applications or blindly submit their information to impersonal general ads…

Think about it, relationships have changed with Social Media and the Web itself. People demand a more personal connection.

The fact is that less than 20% of the entire global workforce applies to Traditional Job Postings anymore. That means over 80% of the workforce are deemed “Passive Candidates.”

With our approach, we take your Jobs just like the Traditional Job Posting companies. But, that’s where the similarities end…

We then automatically Source, Vet and Verify candidates that we obtain using our proprietary system “Reach Out”.

Like tentacles of an Octopus, our system sources from every major Professional/ Social Network (LinkedIn, Github, Facebook, etc.) as well as every major Resume Database including Monster, Careerbuilder, Dice, ZipRecruiter and over 100 other resources.

We then Vet and Verify Candidates before reaching out to them to gain their interest level. These are personal commutations that connect recruiters and hiring managers directly with the Qualified and Interested Candidates they need.

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About Us

We are the original founders of many of the largest Applicant Tracking Systems and HRIS firms on the planet, including Silkroad (Formerly Openhire), Pereless Systems, ATS OnDemand and InfoWorks, just to name a few.

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