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The Key To Hiring Fast And Hiring Right…





For growing companies, fast growth can be exciting, but it also comes with risk. You don’t have much time to agonize over every new hire.

And yet, bringing in the wrong people could send your growing company into a tailspin. You need to set realistic timelines and follow a hiring process, says John Preston, director of global talent acquisition at Zero Fee Recruiter.

Here’s how to keep your hiring pipeline moving quickly when you need it most.

Know What You Need

Having a clear idea of what the new role entails and the needed competencies will be key to hiring quickly, Preston says. Instead of focusing on the job description, identify some key metrics:

  • Define the mission of the role
  • Identify the objectives the role should achieve
  • Clarify these annually and quarterly
  • Determine what core skills are required to make that happen

This homework will give you a much clearer picture of what you’re looking for in a new candidate, Preston says. From a sourcing perspective, it will also help generate better information for keywords.


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