5 Ways to Attract Top Engineers to Your Startup

Hiring EngineersThese days, if you are a small technology startup, hiring great engineers can be cutthroat and close to impossible. Here’s how to hire top engineering talent:

1. Present a tough engineering challenge that has not been solved before.

Money can motivate engineers, but the opportunity to work on a specific technical challenge is something money can’t buy. Explain the difficult problem that will keep your potential employee engaged for years to come. Highlight the challenge, and the engineer you want may choose your company over a job working on the Facebook newsfeed or Google’s search results.

2. Do not recruit from big-name companies like Facebook or Google.

It’s just too difficult. These engineers are already making serious money, and they likely have offers from other startups. Instead look for raw talent you can mold into something great.

3. Work with new programming languages that have a loyal following.

Since they are tinkerers and hackers at heart, engineers want to work with new languages. When an application like Node.JS or Ruby on Rails gains steam, engineers often start learning them in their spare time. The chance to use them at work is enticing. Older companies likely don’t use these hot new languages.

4. Look in online communities for people with similar interests.

We often look at communities where engineers are showing off side projects or concepts that they are passionate about. For designers it might be somewhere like Forrst or Dribbble. For engineers, look at places like Github to see who has created something cool. The best engineers aren’t floating their résumés around. They’re creating great projects to show off to the world.

5. Attract entrepreneurs by making your company their next thing.

Another challenge: Great engineers often want to start their own startup, especially nowadays, when launching a product and raising capital is easier than ever before. Tell potential hires to make your company “their next thing,” as if it were their own startup.

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