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How to be a Great Recruiter


Much is expected of today’s recruiter. Not only must they possess knowledge of the industry, business practices, and employment law, they must also possess the technological skills demanded by a workforce that spends significant time online. Today that often means skills related to social media recruiting, a field that is evolving rapidly. But in addition to these business and technological skills, today’s successful recruiter has to manage there resources correctly. More technology most times just means more time spent managing software before you even start the long process of contacting candidates.

Significant interaction between recruiters and potential job candidates takes place both online and offline trying to connect, but that doesn’t mean you can spend you entire day with this process. If anything, you need to rethink your current sourcing strategy as locating good candidates is only 10% of the work. Recruiters have to be able to build rapport with potential applicants while still managing to get all other work done like interviewing and dealing with hiring managers. Services like give recruiters the ability to hire and source up to 75% faster for one reason, they give the recruiter a live team that allows them to focus on the core which is hiring, not recruiting.