Recruit Like A Marketer: Add These 5 Marketers To Your Team

Recruit Like a MarketerIf you’ve read it in a blog post once, you’ve seen it re-tweeted, re-shared and re-posted 1,000 times. Recruiting=marketing. Or to some degree, recruiters should adopt elements of marketing into their strategy for continued success.

But with the average recruiter already wearing multiple hats—sourcer, recruiter, account manager—asking them to tackle marketing while they’re at it feels like an unfair request.

The demand for recruiters is on the rise, in large part, to meet the needs of a rebounding economy and increased demand for hard-to-fill skill sets. However, instead of deploying a “more feet on the street” approach, I think it’s once again time for our recruiters to take a hat tip from our marketing friends down the hall, and hire like marketers while they have the budget…

Here’s what we know:

  • Your recruiting and marketing departments both play a vital role in advancing the mission of your organization.
  • Elements of marketing are finding their way into more recruiting practices.
  • Your recruiters are already spread thin and while they would like to deliver on these marketing initiatives, they really don’t have the time.

So wouldn’t it make sense to reserve a portion of your ramp-up headcount to add strategic marketing partners to your recruiting roster? I think so. Here are some titles to help you get started; it’s not an exhaustive list, but it touches on some key skill sets necessary to deliver results:

  1. Recruitment Marketing/Employment Brand Manager: This person is the vital link between your recruitment department and the consumer brand.  Their greatest responsibility is building relationships with other department leaders—Corporate Communications, Consumer Marketing, Social Media, etc.—and ensuring your employment brand is operationally aligned. They need to have a strong understanding of the organization’s long- and short-term vision, and be able to tie it back into strategic marketing campaigns that support workforce planning and deliver the right people at the right time to meet business needs.
  2. Digital Strategist: Lead generation is the goal of any well-crafted B2B or B2C marketing campaign. In the recruiting world, lead generation = top-of-the-funnel candidate pools. This core player in your recruitment marketing department is responsible for helping to identify the digital playgrounds your talent hangs out in and getting them to visit the swing set in your neighborhood. Expect them to touch SEO, Google AdWords, retargeting and any other paid online media that drives qualified candidates back to your job postings, landing pages, and talent community opt-in forms.
  3. Social Media Coordinator/Talent Community Manager: This person is your Recruitment/EB Manager and Digital Strategist’s best friend. In their role, they will touch any/all social media properties tied to talent acquisition. They’ll plan your content distribution calendar, measure sentiment, and promote your employment brand across relevant social properties. Additionally, they’ll nurture the leads brought in by your Digital Strategist and utilize CRM technology to foster your talent community.
  4. Creative Designer (graphics/light video): Content is the vehicle that drives awareness of your employment brand, and you need someone who can translate your brand into visually engaging messages for your candidates—think social media headers, banner advertisements, recruitment videos, and branded email templates for your ATS. Top candidates are presented with a lot of noise—they aren’t going to spend time on a message unless they are drawn to it, and the pull usually begins with the right creative design.
  5. Reporting /Financial Analyst: The Reporting/Financial Analyst researches, analyzes, and completes reporting of all talent-acquisition activities—including your marketing efforts. Additionally, they are responsible for maintaining and monitoring the data results and relationships between the talent acquisition team and vendors supporting the recruitment process. They will drive reporting, auditing, and forecasting to identify and address key talent challenges and initiatives, help you understand the ROI of your investments/initiatives, and connect the data to the bottom line of your business.

Whatever positions you decide to hire with those extra dollars, make sure they are positions that contribute to the most important goals of your business.

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