Role of Senior HR Leaders in Modern Organizations

Role of Senior HR LeaderOver the last decade, HR has evolved through various phases. It started from protecting the women employees in the industrial environment and gradually changed to hiring, attendance, compensation, and later to motivation, selection, assessments, etc. With time and experience of these professionals in their work, job titles of HR business partner or Senior HR Managers were created. To have a business impact in today’s economy and build sustainable organization, the present senior HR leaders have to focus on some of the critical areas and be the change makers of the organization.

Define the Purpose

Most of the present day organizations are struggling to explain (to the candidates as well as employees) why they exist. The purpose driven organizations have an inspired brand, which moves around distinctive, authentic and inspirational ideology. Experienced HR professionals are expected to design policies which both employer as well as employees are liable to follow. Through these policies they need to define work culture, organizational goals, performance indicators, salary structure, leaves and other such related areas.

Imbibe knowledge on Talent Recruitment

Recruiting right talent has been a tricky business since ages. Senior leaders carry a long, tried and tested experience and are well aware of the good, bad, and ugly of the HR world. However, junior HR professionals might succumb to pressure situations and end up recruiting misfit employees through miscommunication and even redundant job description. This results in higher attrition rate and sour employer-employee relationship. HR leaders should create, market and sell the value proposition, which reflects the true culture and the reason for candidates to join the company. Senior HR’s should keep on training young talent on how to crack the recruitment mystery.

Align employee goals with organization goals

Employees should know their purpose and how it is connected to their job, department and organization’s purpose. To build a successful and sustainable team it requires unified team effort. All the departments and teams should know how their efforts are aligned with the organization. The experience of senior HR leaders is most crucial here to make sure that the alignment is driving the business in the right direction and getting the best results. Along with they can easily handle if some employees are resisting the change.

Focus on building Employee Strength

Being new to the job, junior HR’s might be handling a lot of transactional work, as it is also necessary for them to learn and grow in this profession. One important area that might get ignored here is to build employee strength. This is one area where senior HR managers can step ahead to apply their experience in development and engagement of the employees; and motivate them to achieve the best results. Strength, which is comfortably developed, can be changed into world-class performance.

Implement best tools in the organization

Throughout their work experience, senior HR leaders are aware of how manual management of recruitment and other HR activities is time wasting, money consuming and most frustrating task. This is where leaders should initiate and pass on their knowledge of must have HR tools in the organization to help recruiters achieve their task.

Ethical Recruitment

Ethical recruitment helps recruiters to become trusted employees of an organization, where recruitment is to be made on the basis of merit and not on recommendation. A strict policy and regular trainings from HR leaders is mandatory here to make their organization a trusted employer. Ethical recruiters should build a profile for each post, which are based on a scoring system and not just based on personality. It is important to give the organization a fair and honest view of the candidate, and vice versa.

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