Setting goals, especially in the anticipation of the new year is imperative to achieving long term vision. If you haven’t started yet, it’s time to get busy.

Daily grind, or what the others say ‘the whirlwind’, can derail you from your huge, more important end-goal. Phone calls, send-outs, placements recruiters do to make a ‘busy day’. While those are important, following and heading towards your BIG VISION will make all the difference. Let’s start asking ourselves, “where do I see myself a year from today; five years, or ten? What rewards will successful completion of smaller goals am I allowed to obtain? Will my company exceed 5- year projections? Will my staff grow in size, or should I grow them in size? Should I need a new office? What are the values I need to sustain for me to achieve the bigger goal? Will I be promoted to partner?”

Keep all the long term goals in your sight everyday. Other people use a vision board. Others use stick notes, with a big circle on the ultimate goal. Once you have a long term vision in mind, it is time to begin to narrow that down in to goals for the year, month, or day. It’s used frequently, but I like to stick to the basics when it comes to goal planning.

Use S-M-A-R-T Goals.

a) Specific- Write down the goals.

b) Measureable- Remember, if it’s not measurable, it’s not predictable. Find the right metrics, put the right goal numbers. Say, next year you will find better candidates. It’s better to predict exactly the number of increase in sendouts in 2014.

c) Attainable- Make sure it’s actually achievable. Once achieved, plan a bigger plan, dream a bigger dream. Achieving them builds self- confidence. If it’s not achievable, it will defeat the purpose of planning them in the first place.

d) Realistic- Make your goals relevant to you. If you are a manger, have your team members set goals for themselves, and then manage them to achieving it. If you make too broad organizational goals, you risk getting demotivated because of the unrealistic goals or standards you set.

e) Timebound- Each goal should be time bound, trackable. Calls, send-outs, various levels of interviews, new clients, new candidates; anything to be accomplished by.

Do you have a better way to do goal-setting? Let me know in the comments.

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