Top Tech Tools for On-The-Go Recruiters

Urban business man talking on smart phoneSometimes there’s just not enough time in the day. This is especially true for on-the-go talent professionals who often have to travel to conferences and events. Luckily, technology can help busy and traveling recruiters by letting them take their work with them. If your productivity crashes when you’re on business trips, consider using some of these top tools:

Never Miss an Interview With Video Interviews

First impressions are important. Within the first five minutes of an initial meeting, you probably know if the candidate is the right person for the role. With video interviews, you can still get a first impression of a candidate even if you’re unable to meet face to face due to your busy schedule. RecruitLoop’s video interviews let candidates record their blind answers via a webcam and can speed up the process, allowing you to screen more candidates while on the go.

Go Mobile to Recruit Talent

According to Forbes, 70% of job seekers use their mobile devices for job searches. And, 23% of keyword searches that include the word “job” come from mobile devices. Meghan Biro, writing for Forbes, provides a pretty compelling case to switch to mobile, citing that companies who fail to adopt mobile run the risk of falling behind in the search for talent.

Savvy recruiters can gain a leg up in the industry with the right mobile tools. Smartphones like the Google Nexus 6 phablet offer the functionality of a traditional cell, with the screen size and capabilities of a modern tablet. This device is great for recruiters because of its long-lasting battery life. Its Turbo Charging takes just 15 minutes to get a 6-hour charge, so it lets you get more done and do less charging while on the go. With the Google Nexus 6, you won’t have to rely on your desktop or laptop; you have everything you need right in your hands.

Screen Candidates via the LinkedIn App

No list of recruiting tools is complete without LinkedIn. According to recruiting software company Recruiter Box, a staggering 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to screen potential new hires. On-the-go talent professionals who use Apple devices can use the LinkedIn Recruiter App. Using the app via your smartphone makes discovering new talent effortless. You can search and review the profiles of potential candidates, respond or reach out via InMail, email and text potential candidates. The app also gives you access to updates concerning applicants, saved searches and the profile changes of potential hires that you follow.

The LinkedIn Recruiter app helps keep you organized throughout the entire process. You can save the profiles of candidates to folders and add notes. With the app, you never have to worry about missing a message or not responding to an applicant while on the go. The helpful alerts pop up in real time when candidates reply, so you can respond in a matter of seconds, no matter what your busy schedule looks like.

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