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The Problem

Why You Can’t Fill Your Jobs

81% of the entire global workforce does NOT apply to Traditional Job Postings

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 15% of open positions worldwide are successfully filled through traditional job postings. The fact is, the processes companies are currently using to hire are simply not working.

Job postings on LinkedIn? Dead. Job postings on Monster? Dead. Job postings on CareerBuilder? Dead. Job postings on Indeed are dead as well (At least as far as A and B Player job seekers are concerned).

image Only 19% of the entire global workforce applies to traditional job postings.
image 81% of the entire global workforce does NOT apply to traditional job postings.

The Solution

The Only Passive Candidate Job Posting Powered by ZFR

Automatically Post Your Jobs To ZFR

Zero Fee Recruiter easily integrates with your existing applicant tracking system to automatically pull your open jobs and seamlessly push qualified and verified candidates back into your ATS.

Sourcing, Vetting, Verifying

Our proprietary system, Reach Out, targets passive candidates and indexes, aggregates from every major resource including; LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Monster, Dice, CareerBuilder and over 50 other global resources.

Connecting Passive Candidates

Through our sophisticated technology and our award winning quality assurance team, we deliver only qualified candidates that are Interested in your position. ZFR will propel your company into the future.

Global Recruiting In Any Field

Zero Fee Recruiter can recruit qualified candidates in any industry and any discipline from director level to hourly.

Qualified Candidates For Every Job, Every Month, Guaranteed!

imageOur Story

We are the original founders of many of the largest Applicant Tracking Systems and HRIS firms on the planet, including Silkroad (Formerly Openhire), Pereless Systems, ATS OnDemand and InfoWorks, just to name a few.

We hold a patent in method and system for resume storage and retrieval. It took us 7 years to receive. We are committed…

We knew we had to fix the problem of repeatedly looking at unqualified candidates and we have spent the last 5 years working on the perfect solution.

As of today, we have a 91% renewal rate with our clients.

Start Receiving Qualified and Interested Candidates Today…

ZFR Direct

  • Use our ZFR Direct Platform – Start Today
  • The Power of Intelligent Sourcing/Recruiting
  • Automated Candidate Outreach
  • Global Sourcing in Any Field

One Source

  • One Source allows you to submit your jobs and receive qualified and verified candidates from within your Applicant Tracking System.
  • Easy-to-use Chrome Extension.
  • The extension will automatically market to all of your candidates to gauge their interest and start the conversation... It’s that simple.

Direct XML Feed

  • Enter your XML Feed and the system will pull your jobs directly into ZFR and push only interested candidates back into your ATS under that exact position.
  • Sit back, relax, and watch the qualified candidates come directly back into your ATS without lifting a finger…

API Plug In

  • The Zero Fee Recruiter API is the ONLY Passive Candidate Job Posting API for your CRM, HRIS or Custom Application.
  • Using our API is as simply as 1, 2, 3…
  • Now you can seamlessly post jobs to ZFR from any system and we’ll feed qualified and verified candidates right back into your platform.

Professional Services Group

  • ZFR Professional Services — Your On-Demand Recruiting Solution.
  • We really do everything: we source, vet, verify, connect, pre-screen, communicate with Hiring Manager, schedule and report.
  • We become part of your team.
  • Typical ROI — 1 Month.

You're Always In Good Company With Zero Fee Recruiter