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Reach the Passive Candidate Marketplace

It’s a fact that passive candidates make up 81% of the entire global workforce. You need a flexible, automated tool that helps you reach these candidates and simplify your hiring process.

The Power of Intelligent Sourcing

Our proprietary system, Reach Out, targets passive candidates and automatically indexes, aggregates and engages candidates from every major professional network and resume database including; LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Stack Overflow, GitHub, Monster, Dice, CareerBuilder and over 50 other global resources.

Implement Automated Candidate Outreach

Reach better talent by tapping into the largest sector of the workforce. Through our sophisticated technology and our award winning quality assurance team, we deliver only qualified and verified candidates that will propel your company into the future.

Global Sourcing in Any Field

Zero Fee Recruiter can connect with candidates that have any of the essential skill sets and experience you need, from any English-speaking country around the world. We can locate qualified candidates in any industry and any discipline from director level to hourly.

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Reach Out is a proprietary system developed by ZFR that enables our clients to access passive candidates from any viable source on the web and beyond. We deliver the best and brightest talent, giving our clients an edge over their competitors.

Our Platform Delivers Only Qualified And Verified Candidates

The fact is, only 15% of open positions worldwide are successfully filled through traditional job postings. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the processes companies are currently using to hire are simply not working.

Why Zero Fee Recruiter?

We focus on passive candidates that have the exact skills and experience that match our clients’ Job requirements. Over 90% of all candidates are interested in hearing about a new opportunity, even though they are not actively looking. We get your Jobs in front of them, engage and qualify the right candidates the fill your positions. It’s fast and easy.

Did You Know?

Only 2% of candidates who apply to job postings are actually qualified for the position.

Our process of candidate sourcing/screening is an unparalleled strategic advantage to companies looking for
qualified candidates in any industry.

Seamless ATS Integration

ZFR integrates with your applicant tracking system and centralizes all of your recruiting efforts into one place.

Populate Your Jobs Automatically

Zero Fee Recruiter easily integrates with your existing applicant tracking system by automatically pulling your open jobs and seamlessly pushing qualified and verified candidates back into your ATS.

Reporting for Compliance – OFCCP, EEOC

If you need to be compliant with the OFCCP, EEOC or other regulatory groups, you will likely be using your ATS. Zero Fee Recruiter makes it easy to pull the types of reports necessary for compliance with our easy integration.

Seamlessly Connect Passive Candidates Into Your ATS

Through ZFR's patent pending solution, we will connect your current ATS with the power of our passive candidate recruiting. You simply provide our support team with your career site and we do the rest. It's that easy...

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