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The Problem

Over 90% of clients say they expect their ATS to provide qualified candidates and 67% of those same clients say they are unhappy with the quality or quantity of candidates they are currently receiving.

Your company’s reputation can not rely on the “Post and Pray” method.

Give your clients the “Qualified and Verified” candidates they want.

The Solution

The ZFR Direct API

Using our API - Simple as 1, 2, 3…


Connect Your System

Connect your ATS, CRM, HRIS or custom application with your API key.

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Configure Your Account

Log into ZFR Direct once and set up your account. A simple and quick configuration allows you to access ZFR from your ATS.


Post / Retrieve

Seamlessly post jobs to ZFR from your ATS and we’ll feed qualified and verified candidates right back into your system.

It’s that easy…