Passive Candidates – The Holy Grail?

Passive vs. ActiveWe’ve all seen some hilarious job board applications with completely irrelevant experience to what we’re looking for. Funnily enough, a few months spent working in your dad’s mechanics probably won’t see you getting interviewed for a senior technical role with an $115K base salary. There are of course some great candidates on job boards but a lot of the time it’s easy to see that some people use job boards to ‘spam out’ their information to any job that’s on screen.

Would it be that surprising then that the most sought after candidates are passive? They have evidence of their competency, with proven experience. They are not just applying on job boards in their free time.

But if they are The Holy Grail, how you get hold of them? The passive candidate takes a bit of convincing… they don’t NEED to move. So how do you go about attracting them?

  • Proactively seeking passive candidates – Having a presence at trade fairs, being active on social media, interacting with your market.
  • The better the candidate is the pickier they can be with their next job – the proposition needs to be more than just a pay raise; it needs to offer something different.
  • Presentation is everything – A well-presented and modern company brand also helps make your proposition appealing to passive candidates.
  • An exciting and modern company culture, or a lucrative benefits package would help set an employer apart from the rest.
  • Little things that set you apart – employee perks & performance-based incentives are a good image-booster, or a solid company car scheme.

The recruiters that act smart, represent employer brands excellently, and manage key relationships thoroughly will always win the attention of the passive candidate.

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